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Adda no#2 Tulamba city, Tehsil Mian Channu, District Khan-e-wal, Punjab Pakistan.

Frequently Asked Question!

Yes, It is 100% pure and natural. We do not mix any type of color or chemical in it. After getting   from the hive, purifying and packed then deliver to the customer.   

: Freezing honey is a natural process. It is not a sign of it’s impurity.

: Put the honey in sunlight for few hours or heat up with hot water.

Yes, it is 100% pure. First we make butter from pure milk careem than converted into Desi ghee. We also attested it from authorized laboratories.

Islam has given a lot of importance to honey. In Holy Quran it is said that Honey is the remedy of all diseases. One who use it regularly will not become a victim of any fatal diseases. So the Muslim should not give up the use of honey at any cost. It must use regular in breakfast. In Summer when you feel thirst mix one and half spoon honey in water and drink it. It will be provide cool, energy and immunity power to the body.

All type of Hand Embroidery are made at the low price from bazaar on order. At the time of order half price is taken in advance and full payment is taken at the time of delivery.